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Pet Peeves: Absurd Sci Fi Films Division

            Settle into my seat on a flight from Heathrow to JFK. Scan through movie options. Banshees of Inn...



Fire & Flood
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Deep Past
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The Ragged Edge of the World

Winds of Change
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Afterword to the softbound edition.

The Octopus and the Orangutan
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The Future In Plain Sight
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The Parrot's Lament
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Silent Partners
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Affluence and Discontent
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The Alms Race
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Apes, Men, & Language
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From Ursula K. Le Guin's review in The New York Times Book Review "In his reporting of the vituperation, the increasing defensiveness of experimenters and the bad faith of some critics, the sensationalism and sentimentalism of much media coverage, Mr. Linden's candor and fair-mindedness contrastwonderfully with the prejudice and paranoia he describes. He does not pretend, however, to stand above the battle; his concern is ethical and urgent. . . . Kind, quiet and fair, Mr. Linden's book is not only a diagnosis of the cruelty and confusion it describes, but also an antidote. It is pleasant to hope that its success might be a sign of returning health." The New York Times chose Silent Partners as a notable book in 1986.

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Short Take

Summer Evenings in July


I go out to my porch, drink in hand, as the gloaming fades. I sit on a very comfortable rocking chair, given -- maybe loaned; it’s unclear -- by a friend.

My cat, Noodles, joins me, settling on the couch facing me. He tends to his grooming, and I wait for the fireflies to appear.

There are less every year and this is disquieting on an otherwise perfect night. I want them to be fruitful and multiply -- if possible by the millions.

That would be a sign that, perhaps, all is well.

It’s warm, and to my west is a wall of green, dominated by a very tall Linden. Hello, fellow Linden!

As the warm air stills around me, emotions rise. I feel – I’m sure the Germans have a long word for it, but I’m too lazy to search on google – I feel…

Something deep and strong; something like love for the world.

It gives me hope for another day.

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