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Imagining a Post Pandemic World

How might a post-pandemic world look and feel? Let’s imagine a creative team at a New York City advertising agency pitching a campaign in 2050 for a new perfume (more than most products, perfumes are sold by attaching to the dreams and aspirations of their times).  The Big Apple, ...


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Deep Past
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Winds of Change
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Afterword to the softbound edition.

The Octopus and the Orangutan
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The Future In Plain Sight
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The Parrot's Lament
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Silent Partners
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Affluence and Discontent
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The Alms Race
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Apes, Men, & Language
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Short Take


As is the usual case with things Trump, his efforts to delegitimize the election are achieving the opposite. Each thrown out law suit, each recount, serves as another piece of supporting evidence, solidifying the meme that Biden's victory was rock solid. If Trump really wanted to delegitimize the election, he would have been better served by grudgingly accepting the result and then spending the next years bringing up all the arguments his minions have brought up now, only to be systematically knocked down. It's possible that his rivals for 2024 realize this and they remain silent because seeing him flail and fail undercuts his pitch that he's a victim of a plot.

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